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Bernette Chicago – the combo sewing and embroidery machine

Versatile and easy to use:
Thanks to its conveniently arranged one-touch buttons, the Bernette Chicago is easy to use, making sewing and embroidery a breeze. Sewists will be quick to appreciate the versatility of this sewing and embroidery machine, whether using the Bernette Chicago for simple alterations, personalization, embellishments or sewing large projects.
The Bernette Chicago offers a wealth of options for giving creative expression to your ideas: over 150 decorative stitches, 20 quilting stitches, two alphabets, a maximum stitch width of 7 mm, as well as 100 built-in embroidery designs. The features of the bernette Chicago are guaranteed to set your creative pulse racing. And thanks to the automatic one-step buttonhole and a simple threading system, all sewing projects can be accomplished quickly and easily.

Sewing & embroidery:
As a fully-fledged sewing and embroidery machine, the Bernette Chicago leads a double life. Not only does it make sewing garments or quilting a piece of cake, but attach the embroidery module and in seconds the Bernette Chicago is transformed into an embroidery machine. Selecting embroidery mode takes you to the embroidery area, where a collection of 100 built-in embroidery designs and an alphabet are available. All designs can be rotated or mirrored, and additional embroidery designs of your own can be added via USB stick.
The maximum embroidery area of 110 x 170 mm allows attractive custom-embroidered embellishments to be applied to self-made or purchased garments and furnishings.
Compatibility with the BERNINA CutWork Software and Accessory gives the especially-creative sewer the additional option of forging ahead in another creative dimension — creative cutting! Whether it’s eyelet embroidery, openwork designs or stamping, the Bernette Chicago will amaze you with its versatility.

Compact and practical
With its compact dimensions, the Bernette Chicago takes up less storage space in the home—good news for households where space is at a premium. Its handy size also makes it a popular companion on your travels to workshops and classes. The freearm with built-in slide-on table provides a practical storage space for keeping the various presser feet and other accessories close at hand. The flip-top lid not only protects against dust, but has a summary of all stitches and stitch patterns on its inside for quick selection. An LED system provides bright illumination of the sewing area around the needle, and the built-in scissors at the front are ready to use anytime while sewing.


Embroidery module
By removing the slide-on table, the embroidery module, which has a maximum embroidery area of 110 x 170 mm, can be attached quickly and easily.

100 stunning embroidery designs
Use the 100 exclusive pre-programmed embroidery designs and enjoy the fine, precise embroidery quality of the bernette Chicago.

Needle thread monitoring and bobbin thread checking
The needle thread monitor automatically stops the embroidery process if the needle thread breaks or the spool is empty. The bobbin is also checked before each embroidery operation. This guarantees reliable embroidery.

Semi-automatic threader
Quick and easy threading. With one movement, the thread magically goes through the eye of the needle.

7mm stitch width
Especially practical for decorative sewing. Create beautiful trimmings and appliqué designs with little effort.

All Bernette models are supplied with a standard range of accessory components. This accessory package varies according to the model and can be extended as required by purchasing additional optional accessory components.

Standard Feet Included:
Zig Zag Foot
Zip Foot
Buttonhole Foot
Blind Hem Foot
Button Sew-on Foot
Overcast Foot
Satin Stitch Foot
Darning Foot
Embroidery Foot (for use with Embroidery Unit)